Angelique Belmore

Authoress of Erotic Romance

Murder Mystery @ Canterbury Castle

The legendary Canterbury Castle is finally allowing people to stay within her haunted walls. However the sexually provocative guests may awaken the castle and its ghosts. It could be an interesting couple nights at the mysterious Canterbury Castle.

Hot Wet Nights:
Erotic Stories to make you hot & wet.

A Collection of Erotica Stories and Excerpts from my Novella's to make those lonely nights, hotter and wetter.

Obsessed (book one)

Luke has been watching out for Cassie his best mates sister since she turned sweet sixteen. Obsessed with her, he waited two years for her to be of age. But of course, Cassie and Luke were always meant to be. Luke is hot, sexy, every woman's wet dream. Cassie is sweet, beautiful a virgin, and every horny boys wet dream. A 21st birthday Party changes it all. Not only for Cassie and Luke, but her brother Kane. So what happens when outside forces intervene? And can they stay together through the good and the bad.

Possessed (Book Two)

Sometimes wanting what you should not want is difficult. For Cassie her world has fallen apart and in order to put it back together, she must step out of her comfort zone and become someone she isn't and do things she would not normally do. Will Cassie go to the dark side and if so, can she get back.

Dirty Little Secret: An Erotic Novel of Love

Holly Michaels is beautiful, single and it’s been three years since she’s felt the intimacy of a man. When a business card for an escort agency is thrust at her as a cruel joke, she tosses it into her handbag, to get rid of it. Later, upon finding the card, the thought of having a man back in her bed is too much. Her burning sexual desire is thrust forward and she organizes a meeting. But when Holly’s male escort arrives, she is thrown by the man standing at her door. He is gorgeous, sexy and everything she has always wanted and more.

Love To Hate You

Sometimes the sex is hotter when you love to hate each other. Tiffany and David have a love hate relationship. They don’t really like each other for reasons unknown to them both, but the sexual attraction is so intense they can’t seem to keep their distance. Just being in the vicinity of each other drives them crazy. But when Tiffany is approached and asked for her help from a stranger, her need to help and her lust for this man collides. How will she be able to retain control of this explosive relationship? And how on earth will she be able to help this stranger she feels strongly for when the mere thought of him turns her libido into a lascivious tornado.

Double Trouble

Detective Christine Ferris is a hard working cop. Her job is her life, her passion. She doesn’t have time for boyfriends, friends or pets. But when she is involved in an accident with a mysterious sexy man, her life gets turned upside down and her sex drive switched on.

Christine’s boss finally decides she’s ready for her first undercover assignment along with another female Detective, Katie Valla. But Christine finds her libido is running on overdrive and every sexual advance thrust at her is too difficult to refuse.

So when she and Adam meet, he seems like a shy nice guy. How on earth could he be mixed up in the type of trouble she is investigating him for?

But Adam seems to have two sides to him. Sometimes he’s sweet and romantic tending to her sexual needs and making her feel amazing. But then there are the times it feels more like an attack turning her off him and making her feel degraded.

She finds herself asking the important questions.

Who is Adam Curtis really?

Why is he cold one day and romantic the next?

And who is Max, the mysterious young guy who seems so friendly?

Is he as nice as he seems, or is he hiding something too?

Leather & Lace

Two women. Two different lives. One objective.

Lace grew up with a loving mother and father who doted on her every need, however when her father asks her to do him a favour, she never realised how huge this favor would actually be. So she marries the handsome man her father had chosen for her without question.

Sasha never had parents. She was raised differently to other children. She was moulded. By the age of 5, she was fluent in five languages, martial arts and weaponry. By 10, she was lethal, just as she was trained to be.

When an assignment throws these two different women together, they find they aren’t so different after all and work together in order to survive.